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Argan Oil Treat Acne | Slavic Nature

Argan Oil Helps Treat Children’s & Infants Acne

Argan Oil Helps Treat Baby Acne

Argan oil has a wide array of health benefits. It’s golden color and antioxidant properties have garnered the moniker “golden liquid.” Acne-prone skin can result because of the accumulation of excess fat on the face.

Argan Oil Treat Acne and topical creams for acne with harsh synthetic ingredients may offer some relief, but these substances may do more harm to the skin in the long run. With Argan oil’s high content of linoleic acid, it a natural anti-inflammatory.

Argan oil also regulates the natural production of oil in the skin. It can also reduce the discomfort caused by infections, rashes, and bug bites. It is not surprising that this Moroccan oil is known for its care of the skin.

In 2007, there was a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology that tested 20 healthy volunteers with oily/combination skin. The volunteers were instructed to apply cream with an Argan oil base two times a day for four weeks between January and February. Sebum levels of each volunteer were recorded before and after the experiment. The test resulted in 95% of the volunteers experiencing a clear and considerable reduction in excess oil on the skin.

Taking this experiment into consideration, the benefits of Argan oil to acne-prone and sensitive skin are numerous. It heals damaged skin and renews skin cells to reduce inflammation.

Argan Oil Treat Acne, many people pair Argan oil products with tea tree oil or green tea to combat acne-causing bacteria and lower excess sebum. These natural ingredients are especially helpful to adult women who experience acne breakouts in their 30’s. Acne at this age can be challenging to treat. Argan oil benefits are ideal for skin at this age because it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. When applied to acne-prone skin, it may also reduce scarring.

Argan Oil Moisturizes Babies’ Skin

It is no surprise that many moisturizing lotions in the manufacturing industry contain Argan oil.

The age-old natural ingredient is safe for babies and produces excellent skin protection. Argan oil can also hydrate your baby’s skin. It is ideal for tender skin which is why many mothers swear by it.

A single drop of pure Argan oil goes a long way. Apply it to your baby’s dry facial skin and body for soothing relief.

The purest form of Argan balances the production of the body’s natural sebum. Extracted through a traditional and meticulous process, Argan oil, neutralizes the pH of your baby’s skin.

Argan Oil Is Safe To Help Treat Eczema on children’s and infants

Eczema in babies is a common problem for parents. This skin condition can transform your baby’s skin into a canvas of red, itchy patches. Argan oil for babies is recommended when a child is suffering from atopic dermatitis or inflammations like eczema.

It is also known to heal diaper rashes and decrease flare-ups among infants due to its rich fatty acids. Linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, and oleic acid are found in Argan oil. These acids help lock in moisture, oxidize the skin, and combat painful skin diseases.

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