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Marie Brocart lip care

How to care for your lips every day!

How to care for your lips every day!

Marie Brocart lip care help our lips every day. Our lips are constantly exposed to contact with the environment – through food, drinks, cosmetics and constant movement, also while talking. Some of us chew on them, lick them, which makes it even harder to keep them in good shape. We will advise you on how to effectively care for your lips despite all the adversities!

How are the lips built ?
Before we move on to the care itself, it is worth knowing a few facts about the structure of the lips that will help us understand why they can be such a problematic area.

The protective layer of the mouth is much weaker than that of the face – we have a much thinner epidermis with rich vascularity showing through. This is why our lips are so nicely pink or red and stand out in color from the rest of the face.

In addition, the lips do not have sebaceous glands that would grease them and rely only on the glands located on their contours and the surrounding skin. This is a particularly big problem in winter, when our tallow is not spread well during cold weather, or in a dry environment, when we lick ourselves.

How to take care of your lips ? Basic care!

Lips are slightly greased, so they dry out and irritate faster. Dry crusts and even painful cracks may appear on them. The first line of defense will therefore be Marie Brocart lip care cosmetics that wrap them, leave a greasy film that prevents water evaporation and allows them to regenerate. You can reach for ready -made lip butters , protective lipsticks rich in oils, butters and waxes , or even shea butter itself creating a film on the lips and providing them with vitamins.

The lubrication itself may not be enough, so we still reach for moisturizing products . There are many options, including typical cosmetic and kitchen ones! Do you have a cool, simple moisturizing serum? Put a drop on your lips and cover it with butter. You might as well reach for pure hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, and even honey straight from the jar in the kitchen. Apply a little, leave it for a few to several minutes, and then rinse or lick it! Honey not only moisturizes, but also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is sweet, so there is no chemical aftertaste that some cosmetics leave.

Like the entire body, the lips should also be protected from the sun. It’s best to get dedicated protective sticks that will not migrate on your lips like a regular cream. The stratum corneum is thinner here and the pigment is much less, so the natural UV protection of the lips is even scarier than that of the face! We have a choice of chemical and mineral filters, so you will surely find something suitable for you.

Additional steps:

If you have a big problem with dry skin and you want to use colored lipsticks, consider exfoliating. You can quickly mix a little sugar with honey, oil or shea butter or choose something ready and gently exfoliate the dead skin without excessive rubbing or pressure.

Especially matte lipsticks dry lips , so putting a little something protective under them will definitely help. Cream lipsticks or 2in1 lipsticks, i.e. protective lipsticks with a bit of color, will be much better for the lips. These are not permanent lipsticks, but they eat up nicely and look good on the lips. I protect and embellish – what more could you want ?!

If, on the other hand, you like lip gloss , be sure to take a look at our glitter balm with a slightly pink color and a beautiful glow that cares for the lips at the same time. The balm also contains a plant-filling complex that helps to increase the amount of fatty tissue and gives the lips more volume . With age, the lips become thinner and flatter due to the progressive loss of adipose tissue, so this effect is definitely desirable. If you do not like to have a large cosmetic bag, you can also apply it with a thicker layer, like a caring mask . The balm contains nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter , jojoba oil and plum seed oil , which will perfectly regenerate the lips .

Now just choose the care option for yourself and enjoy well-groomed lips.

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