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Regenerate skin after vacation, It is obvious that we want to make the most of the nice weather on vacation. However, apart from the memories of nice moments, we can bring with us post-holiday skin problems! Read how to deal with the most common!

If we spend a lot of time outside, especially when filter lubrication is not our strong point, we can end up with a lot of over drying. Our skin, in a protective reaction against the sun, increases the production of cells in the outer layer so that as few rays as possible reach its depths. As a result, the skin of the whole body may be dry and rough . If we add to it also swimming in the sea and the influence of salt, the problem becomes even worse. There may also be irritations.

It would be best to do it while on vacation and at least quickly rinse off the salt from the skin and hair and add the filter when wet. After returning, it is worthwhile to moisturize the skin with lotions, emulsions or butters, depending on our preferences. The oily consistency is best applied right after the bath, on the skin that is still slightly damp. This will help keep the skin moisturized.

To get rid of the overgrown layer of the epidermis, we can save ourselves with peeling . We will peel off old cells, reveal a nicer surface and let the products applied afterwards work even more effectively. If you like 2-in-1 products, you may like our body scrub, which not only exfoliates, but also leaves an enveloping, nourishing oil layer and a nice shine.

If you prefer a more active rest and have spent many hours, for example, hiking in the mountains, you can bring your sore muscles from your vacation . Take care of them by not massaging the problematic parts yourself or ask your partner to do it. A bath with salt rich in minerals, anti-inflammatory and bringing relief to the muscles will also be relaxing . Our salt is perfect for this.

The least pleasant skin effect of your vacation may be a sunburn . If it does, immediately hide in the shade and slowly cool your skin with compresses or showering. The skin may be red, hot and stinging. It is best then to put on loose clothes so that nothing presses it or rubs it. If there are blisters, they must not be punctured, and in the event of fever, dizziness or severe pain, see a doctor. We will deal with first degree burns ourselves, but deeper burns require specialist intervention!

In the first case, it is enough to moisturize and regenerate the epidermis. Products that promote healing and anti-inflammatory properties will help. Look for ingredients such as panthenol, allantoin, aloe or beta glucan. They should be light in consistency, because butters and oils prevent heat dissipation, which is not good for the skin in this state. After 2-3 days, the skin begins to recover, but unsightly peeling may appear . It should happen spontaneously, do not tear off these fragments, but allow natural healing.

At the end, we left the most pleasant effect – a tan . Even with a filter, she will! Filters do not block radiation in 100% and limit its harmful effects. Usually, we want such a tan to last as long as possible. Then it is worth giving up peels, which, by exfoliating the epidermis, also get rid of the dye. In your moisturizing lotions, look for ingredients such as carrot oil, walnut oil or cocoa butter that will allow you to enjoy the effect for longer. Cocoa butter and carrot oil can be found in our body butters , which will additionally emphasize the nice skin tone with its shimmering flecks.

The Solari oil is also perfect, as it nourishes the skin, gives it radiance and maintains the tan thanks to the TAN OLÉOBOOSTER® complex, which contributes to the formation of epidermis pigmentation.

Proper regeneration skin after vacation will improve the condition of your skin and all inconveniences will be forgotten faster, when you will enjoy the memories of a well-deserved rest.

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